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I gathered up a few of images of the Earth and the Moon, taken by various spacecraft through recent and not so recent history. From top to bottom, and in chronological order, they are:

1. An image of Earth and the Moon taken by NASA’s Voyager 1 when it was 11.66 million kilometers from Earth, on 18th of September 1977. This is the first image of its kind ever taken by a spacecraft.

2. This image was taken by the Galileo spacecraft as it flew by, eight days after its encounter with the Earth-Moon system on 16th of December 1992. Image was taken from a distance of about 6.2 million kilometers.

3. This image was taken by the NEAR spacecraft as it flew by the Earth-Moon system on 23rd of January 1998, 19 hours after the spacecraft swung by Earth on its way to the asteroid 433 Eros. Taken from 400000km away, approximately the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

4. An image of Earth and the Moon (3rd of October 2007) taken from Martian orbit by “The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment” (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Keep in mind that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is much larger than it appears on those pictures. The reason the Moon appears so large is due to perspective.

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Wallpaper[1280x720] of my last post.

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Just a quick edit I made out of last frame of the last chapter of Breaker.

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Decision 2

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99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!




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What the world eats — a week’s worth of groceries - Imgur

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Today on “Ides of March” one of the histories greatest ‘Emperor’ was assassinated.
The Death of Caesar (1798) by Vincenzo Camuccini